Property Inspection, Testing, Assessment & Analysis

Our property assessments are more high-powered and sophisticated than typical property inspections, and are often conducted in response to specific potentially serious building and construction issues.

Current and prospective property owners need to know the condition of important building components and systems in order to understand the performance that can be reasonably expected from buildings and property. In this day of increased exposure for non-disclosure, fluctuating property values, and ever increasing construction and repair costs, it pays to be accurately informed.

Solana Consultants’ property assessment reports are prepared after careful analysis of site inspection, visual observation and testing results. Our goal is to prepare a professional report that contains valued information, is easy to comprehend and is easy to share among interested parties. In order to accomplish this, we use licensed and highly experienced inspectors and time tested procedures for collecting and processing field information. All staff members are trained to process field information in a carefully controlled system that facilitates quick access and easy distribution of data among interested parties. Field information analysis is always conducted by an educated, licensed, and experienced construction expert. Reports are prepared in conformance with ASTM Standard E 2018.

In addition to testing and visual observation, we also conduct intrusive investigation when deemed necessary to observe the performance characteristics of hidden building assemblies and components. Moisture intrusion testing, water spray testing of roof and wall assemblies, slab coring, and excavation testing are all conducted in conformance with rigorous standards. Whether Solana Consultants is retained for litigation purposes or for preparation of repair recommendations, field documentation and sample gathering are performed to litigation standards with careful attention paid to evidentiary requirements such as evidence preservation and chain of custody procedures.







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