Construction Management & General Contracting

Successful construction management is based on the right blending of construction knowledge, practical experience, professionalism and communication. Solana Consultants supports you through each stage of the project. From establishing project objectives to defining comprehensive project controls, we advise on the scope of work, budgets, architect, engineer and contractor selections, design completion, procurement, project delivery and reporting systems to help complete the project on time and within budget.

Pre-Construction Phase:
The early planning and design phase of every project is critical in determining its success. Early review of the program and design provides the best opportunity for making recommendations that can result in cost and time savings. Money is either well spent ensuring long-term performance or wasted on the wrong scope of work, the wrong contractors and the wrong construction techniques.

Construction Phase:
Solana Consultants coordinates and closely monitors the construction progress verifying the physical work compared to the plans, and makes adjustments as necessary. We provide real solutions to keep your project on course, on time and within budget and continually re-align the process adjusting for unforeseen events and inevitable changes.

Post-Construction Phase:
Our services do not end when construction is complete. We continue working with our clients to guarantee that things go smoothly even after the site is occupied. We strive to build and maintain relationships and ensure complete satisfaction.







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